LBD: leopard + black dress



I am a creature of habit. Hang around me long enough and you’ll notice my tendencies lean towards leather, red lipstick, big jewelry, and leopard print. I especially like anything that allows me to combine my aforementioned obsessions, so when my mom gave me this vintage Adele Joyce sweater dress, I knew I could dress it up and make it fun.

Only problem is, this dress fits like a glove. An OJ Simpson glove. It’s style and length are classic, but the low-cut neckline and snug fit made me shy away from ever wearing it to the office. Night time would be the right time for this dress and a girl like me, but the reality is, my SF lifestyle is more of a leather jacket, boots and skinnies situation, and my nights of cleavage bearing dresses are numbered.




So I gave this dress the last sexy styling it deserved, and now it’s up for grabs. The acrylic/wool blend keeps this dress a bright black even after years of life. It has beautiful gold buttons all the way up, and would be equally perfect with flat boots and a scarf as it is with tights and leopard wedges.

You can buy this hot little number on Copious or Etsy for $35. I’ll even seal it with a kiss.

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