Circle, circle, dot, dot


Aesthetically pleasing and lacking a single edge, there is no beginning and no end to a circle. In Hinduism, circles symbolize unity, female power, and the sun, the giver of life. In fashion, they are flirty, feminine and fun.

Circles are happy and whole, smooth and perfect.  They’re definitely my favorite shape, so when I saw this vintage polka-dot, circle skirt dress at Buffalo Exchange for $10, I knew it had to be mine.



There are lots of things that appealed to me about this dress, and I immediately had visions of me wearing it to a tea party in a garden, looking all sorts of chic and fab. Only problem: the two circles on my chest.

As much as I wanted this dress to work for me, my chest is smushed to create a mono-boob situation. Everyone knows that clothing that’s too tight is far from flattering, and I don’t need to have my garden party fantasy ruined by fainting due to lack of oxygen.

So, it’s up for grabs. Take home this little number for $25 on Etsy or Copious, and you too can be living a frolicky garden party fantasy. So long as your boobs can breathe, of course.


Mannequin dress, $10 from Buffalo Exchange
Jessica Simpson wedges, $15.50 at Crossroads Trading Company
Watch, Michael Kors
Hat, Mint by Goorin  
Belt, Old Navy
Bracelet, Forever 21


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