Let’s get colorful with a hair chalk tutorial


I may have style, but I don’t have a style. I love changing my look; one day I’m a bad ass business woman, the next I’m rocking a frock straight out of ’72, and the next I’m in all Gap. It’s fun in terms of clothing, but when it comes to hair, it’s not as easy to have multiple style personalities. Thankfully, hair chalk is here to save the day.

IMG_9344With Coachella on the horizon for which style options are greatly expanded, I decided it was time to try something I’ve always wanted to do: rock Rainbow Brite locks. Though I’ve seen other hair chalk sets on Etsy, I picked up this set of 32 colors for sale for $14 at Urban Outfitters. It’s box indicated that it could be used on wet or dry hair, but in terms of instructions, that was it. Since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about hair chalk since talking it up, I decided to figure out how to work it myself and share with all of you.

I tried to simply take a stick and rub it on my hair and that didn’t do a thing. I got the stick wet, did the same and nada. So instead I had to get creative, and here’s how I got the look. Extra big thanks to my amazingly wonderful (and stylish!) little sister Carolyn who was my photographer for this experiment.


1. Gather what you need: hair chalk, small dish, paint brush, comb, clip and a tiny amount of water.


2. Select the color(s) you want in your hair.



3. Using the end of the paint brush, shave off small chunks of chalk. Crush up the chalk until it’s almost powdery. 



4. Get the powder wet using one-two DROPS of water. THIS IS IMPORTANT: I used too much in the picture above and had to shave off a bunch more chalk. Seriously- you only need a drop or two! I’d recommend using the brush instead of putting it directly under the sink.



5. Select the section(s) of hair you want to color and secure it using the clip.



6. Hold your hair taut as your paint on the chalk/water paste where you want it. To get color onto the ends without getting it all over your hands, place the comb an inch from the bottom and paint away.



6.  Let the color dry on your hair for a few minutes, then comb it through to smooth it out. It may feel a little dry (it’s chalk, after all).



7. Remove the clip and style your hair as you please.


8. You’re done and looking fabulous! Caution: fingers may be chalky as well- but it comes off easily with soap & water.

So what do you guys think? Will you try hair chalk? Hope you enjoyed this easy DIY!


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