Music and fashion and sunshine, oh my


I can’t believe I’ve been to Coachella four years in a row. It’s crazy how time flies, and it’s been very interesting to see the way the festival has changed even in just a few short years. What was once a festival that flew under the radar has become a media focus and totally commercialized; Modern Family referenced it a few weeks ago, Good Morning America chatted about it on air, and brands are scrambling to be in your face left and right, trying to get a piece of the popular pie.

The increased hype and attention on Coachella means one very negative thing: so. many. posers. If you need proof of this sweet phenomenon, check out Jimmy Kimmel’s Coachella edition of Lie Witness News:

Douchebaggery aside, Coachella is still pretty damn amazing. You can’t beat the stunning natural beauty of the valley, the immense and beautiful art installations, the crazy people watching, and of course, the music. Though I wasn’t over-the-top excited about any band in particular this year, I was stoked to see a really wide variety of bands I’d never gotten the opportunity to see before. And of course, I was excited to frolic in the sunshine wearing outfits I’d planned weeks in advance.

IMG_9395Christina and I pre-fest Friday

Friday kicked the weekend off with a bang. It was sweltering, and since living in San Francisco, I have apparently forgotten how sweaty of a human I can be. I immediately wanted to be wearing as little clothing as possible, so I went with my lightest outfit I had planned: the boho chic. I nixed the planned felt hat because it was just way too hot and opted to pull my hair off my face instead.


Though the $8 paisley “poncho” from Buffalo Exchange looks heavy, it’s actually quite lightweight and breathable. Another fun fact about the poncho: it was originally a pashmina and someone folded it in half, stitched up the sides and cut a hole for the head. Genius? Yes. And totally DIY’able!

Friday was a real range as far as music; some sets we caught were total misses like Modest Mouse and Aesop Rock, while Jurassic 5, Alt-J and Tommy Trash hit it out of the park with some of my favorite performances all weekend.

IMG_9493Saturday’s main accessory: hair chalk

Saturday started out all sorts of sweaty once again and as I looked over my planned outfits, I was kind of unenthused. The cut-out dress I had purchased threatened to expose parts of me should I jump around too much, and the SoCal look just didn’t feel me. This is why you bring alternates, folks! Ain’t no such thing as being too prepared.

IMG_9501Shay-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, BATMAN!

The unplanned outfit I threw together on Saturday turned out to be my favorite look all weekend. Pairing the Batman crop-top I got at American Vintage for $16 with a skirt you may recognize from last year plus hair chalk and some flat studded boots, I was ready to rock. I felt comfortable, the outfit flattered the right parts of my body, and in this awesome turn of events, people sang the Batman song everywhere I went.

Musically, our day started with a Major Lazer dance party- so fun. Yeasayer and Two Door Cinema Club were other big highlights, but my favorite moment of the weekend came Saturday night when R. Kelly joined Phoenix onstage. Everyone watching the Phoenix set was not-so-secretly hoping that Daft Punk would show their helmets, and when the stage went black towards the end of the set, everyone wondered if it was actually going to happen.

Instead, a sultry voice crooned “my mind’s telling me no, but my body’s tellin’ me yessssss” and the crowd erupted in excitement. No, he wasn’t Daft Punk, but he was a damn good second, and the energy that came from the crowd while R. Kelly sang Ignition as Phoenix played 1901 made for one of my favorite concert moments ever.

By Sunday, comfort was my MO. Saturday night had gotten pretty chilly and Sunday morning was rocking a major breeze situation, so I knew I had to make more outfit amendments. I decided to go with the basic yet classic combo of a blank tank and vintage shorts, plus my felt fedora to keep my hair in place, a feather earring and my trusty studded boots.

photo 2

photo 1

I was dressed perfectly for comfort and by night fall, I was prepared for the chill with leggings and a jacket in tow. Sunday’s music was probably my least favorite of the three days, though it was still pretty great. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tanlines were the standouts, but Pretty Lights was hands down my favorite set of the entire festival.

All in all, it was a truly fabulous weekend full of wonderful friends, bright and interesting fashion, awesome music and warm sunshine. So, which outfit do you think was my best second hand creation? Vote by clicking on my Seesaw:


One thought on “Music and fashion and sunshine, oh my

  1. Let’s GO BACK!!!! I Miss it! Did you see that the last girl interviewed in the Jimmy Kimmel stint had hair chalk in her hair too??

    Loved all of your Second Hand Coachella styles just as much as I love you.

    P.s. can’t believe you referred to me as “Christina”….that was weird. HAHA

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