Coachella 2013: What I’m wearing


Though the quality of this year’s line-up has been the topic of much debate, I couldn’t be more excited for Coachella. Though music is the true star of the festival, the celebrity scene, exclusive parties and most importantly, fashion, are close runners-up in terms of buzz. This year, I’ve prepped more outfits than necessary for lounging by the pool, traipsing through the polo fields, dancing my face off and partying until the wee hours.

It would be silly of me to completely spoil my looks by modeling them in their entirety, so I’m just giving you a sneak peek. You’ll have to follow me on Instagram to see daily accounts of the ‘fits, and tune back in post-fest for a full report of the weekend in the sun. So what am I planning? Continue reading


How to: Sell/Trade Your Stuff

Your closet is full, your wallet is empty; it’s a dilemma many of us are all too familiar with. What’s a girl/guy to do when they need space and money in order to satiate the need for style? You gotta sell your stuff to get more stuff! Recycle, reuse, make money and buy more stuff. That’s how it goes, right?

Before you lug all your crap to the nearest Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., or your local buy/sell/trade joint, here are some tips to be mindful of before you sell. Continue reading

Wrapped Up in Red

photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

Red silk. There’s a reason Chinese emperors draped themselves in it. To the Chinese, the color red signifies good luck, energy, happiness and wealth. Shit’s luxurious.

You can imagine my excitement when Megs pulled this red silk wrap top by Australian designer Perri Cutten out of her bag and gifted it to me along with her other second hand pressies. I love wrap dresses and tops- they are incredibly flattering and draw attention to all the good spots. I’m not sure what era this top originated from, but that says something big about it- it’s totally timeless. Continue reading

When in Indio…

As a kid, you look anxiously look forward to Santa’s arrival, summer camp and the nights your mom makes breakfast for dinner. As an adult, you look forward to long weekends away filled with behavior you’d prefer Santa not to see.

Ahhh the mid-twenties, a time where spending $800+ (at least) and two vacation days on a music festival in the desert is the only way to hail in spring. Though the weather wasn’t 100% desirable and I had a few tanning/wardrobe malfunctions, I overcame my #firstworldproblems in order to enjoy being young, wild and free. Here are some shots from a truly fabulous weekend.


Continue reading